My chosen road is usually paved by dirt, sand, leaves, or sticks and meant for travel on foot. If paved with macadam and meant for travel with a vehicle, my road travels through the wooded wonderlands of nature.

These are some photos that have crossed my path from various media outlets. Others I have taken with my phone while trekking through the woods. Many have appeared in other posts on my site. Some are brand new. Each one has whispered a unique message to my soul. Enjoy!!!

WPC: A Good Match: Feet in the Sand

Not just a “good match” but a “Perfect” match.

Anytime I am able to be in nature and contemplatively engage with her is a perfect day. Whether at the beach,  or in the woods, or sending a crag, I am one happy Zenbaby!

Buddha & Deepak – On Chaos

Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence – Buddha

All great changes are preceded by chaos – Deepak Chopra

Diligence is indeed necessary, especially today , November 8th, for the United States.

Changes are on the horizon….love them or hate them but learn to bend with them as the willow bends with the storm.