My chosen road is usually paved by dirt, sand, leaves, or sticks and meant for travel on foot. If paved with macadam and meant for travel with a vehicle, my road travels through the wooded wonderlands of nature.

These are some photos that have crossed my path from various media outlets. Others I have taken with my phone while trekking through the woods. Many have appeared in other posts on my site. Some are brand new. Each one has whispered a unique message to my soul. Enjoy!!!

WPC: A Good Match: Feet in the Sand

Not just a “good match” but a “Perfect” match.

Anytime I am able to be in nature and contemplatively engage with her is a perfect day. Whether at the beach,  or in the woods, or sending a crag, I am one happy Zenbaby!

Buddha & Deepak – On Chaos

Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence – Buddha

All great changes are preceded by chaos – Deepak Chopra

Diligence is indeed necessary, especially today , November 8th, for the United States.

Changes are on the horizon….love them or hate them but learn to bend with them as the willow bends with the storm.

Photo Challenge: Local

via Photo Challenge: Local

just-beginningWhat started out as the first stop on a journey of my locality to snap photos for this challenge, ended up being my final destination as well. I just cannot help myself when presented with the opportunity to spend an entire afternoon in the woods, especially in the Fall. What follows are some of the best photos of my hours long hike through the twisting trails of the wooded park. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed capturing them.


The trees have just begun turning. I’ll need to revisit in a few weeks after the leaves have had a few more weeks to get their groove on.

Deeper into the woods we go now, exploring unmarked paths and stumbling onto unexpected discoveries.

Each tree a part of the collective woods, yet each tree so unique in its own beauty. The more gnarly and twisted, the more beautiful is each. In bareness, we see each’s true beauty.

And as my journey came to an end today, alas this photo post as well. Stay tuned for a MIRROR post of mindful discoveries from today’s adventurous trek.





via Photo Challenge: Quest

top-out-5-4-quarryI have recently begun the sport of rock climbing as a result of an interest spurred by my brother and nephew. It began with me tagging along on climbing outings and playing videographer with everyone’s phones to capture their climbs and top-outs. Then I actually decided to attempt some indoor climbing and while I never reached a top-out, I realized how much I love pushing my fear boundaries. Yes, I am afraid of heights, but I no longer want my fears to define me and limit me.

Last month I actually decided to send an actual rock face and take on the quest of topping out. My first attempt was a top out on a 5.2 climb (photo to the below, right), about the lowest rating for a climb ;). My second attempt a week later I topped out on a 5.4, the photo you see on the top left!

While mytop-out quest for the top and for more challenging climbs is not progressing as crazily as my brother and nephew, I do enjoy the challenge. There is a powerful feeling that one taps into when ascending a rock. For me, it is not about conquering the rock but working with the rock to reach the top. You learn to trust yourself, your belayer, the rope, and the rock.