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top-out-5-4-quarryI have recently begun the sport of rock climbing as a result of an interest spurred by my brother and nephew. It began with me tagging along on climbing outings and playing videographer with everyone’s phones to capture their climbs and top-outs. Then I actually decided to attempt some indoor climbing and while I never reached a top-out, I realized how much I love pushing my fear boundaries. Yes, I am afraid of heights, but I no longer want my fears to define me and limit me.

Last month I actually decided to send an actual rock face and take on the quest of topping out. My first attempt was a top out on a 5.2 climb (photo to the below, right), about the lowest rating for a climb ;). My second attempt a week later I topped out on a 5.4, the photo you see on the top left!

While mytop-out quest for the top and for more challenging climbs is not progressing as crazily as my brother and nephew, I do enjoy the challenge. There is a powerful feeling that one taps into when ascending a rock. For me, it is not about conquering the rock but working with the rock to reach the top. You learn to trust yourself, your belayer, the rope, and the rock.







Welcome to The Inner MIRROR blog! This blog will focus on my journey of self-reflection and introspection as I attempt to figure out who I am and who I want to be when I grow up; I am nearly 54 years old ;). Where I am headed, and what is blocking my path are not always very clear, but nonetheless I keep moving forward.

I have been practicing various forms of self-reflection and introspection for some time now. I have found that studying Taoism has aided me immensely. I have recently began reading the teachings of Buddha and adding such practices to my life. Nonetheless, I still feel lost at times. This may be because my inner mirror becomes dirty, cracked, broken, or shattered at times. However, I always seem to find the tools I need to repair it. Good thing too, because a gal cannot last long without her mirror no matter how flawed it is! :).

Daily Meds

This category will be the daily posts that I aspire to write. Many will be prompted by The Daily Prompt (WordPress), The Photo Challenge (WordPress), or some other musings from my exciting life journey into who I am, what I want to be, and where I am headed. If I go off my daily meds for too long, please check in and remind me to get back on them!! It’s never a good thing to go off daily meds for too long….

 Monthly Feature Posts

The Inner MIRROR will feature categories supporting a monthly post. The first category is titled “At the Bar”, which consists of musings and lessons I learn weekly during my weightlifting training. I have been lifting consistently since February 2016 and I absolutely love it. The changes in my physical and┬ámental health have been phenomenal. Here is where I will sweat it all out for you!

The second category is titled “On the Rocks”, which consists of reflections and insights from my experiences as a newbie rock climber. I have just recently begun climbing both indoor and outdoor. Just from the few months I have been climbing, I have learned a lot about the sport and of myself. Here is where I will let it all tumble down!

Welcome to the path! I hope you find it as enlightening as I!!