Book Update: Flat Tire and in Need of Assistance. Please Prepare Tow Trucks for Standby!! (Revised)

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here regarding my first children’s book. In fact, those of you who are most observant have noticed that I had removed the milestone marker from my sidebar that denoted the countdown to release. Look in the sidebar….it’s BACK!!


OK….it’s not this bad…LOL


In short, I hit an unexpected pothole that caused a flat tire this past January with word from my publisher that they were halting all production and were “in transition”. What that means for me is no book; they are not forthcoming with any additional information. What they have communicated is that they are working to place all authors with a new publisher….we shall see. In the meantime, I have decided to proceed with a new title and self-publish!


This new title is “The Safety Jewels”, in which we meet Kozette as she narrates her journey to school utilizing self-protection gems, forging her shield of self-defense. I am excited to be working with the talented Shari Brandt as the illustrator of my project.

This title is based on the guidelines from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the US. Proceeds from US sales will support this organization’s efforts. In addition, because this title will be available on Amazon, hopefully by July but I’ll continue to post updates, it can be purchased outside the US on Amazon’s international sites. This is where I am in need of assistance from all of you that reside in countries other than the US, particularly Canada and Europe for now.

What is the national organization in your country that champions efforts to provide resources to combat this serious issue of missing and exploited children? If you could please either provide assistance through the comment box or visit my contact page and provide your assistance through that outlet, I would very much appreciate this. I would like to support these organizations through my Canadian sales and European sales respectfully.

Despite losing money to the previous publisher without receiving any book ☹, lessons learned, I am able to move this book project along,

flat tire
just need a tug and repair

just a bit stuck in a ditch at the moment and in need of some assistance in getting out. Prepare the tow trucks for standby!! A fundraising campaign may be in the works 🤔

Thank you to all of you for your continued support of this blog and along this maiden journey. I am hopeful that by summer we will be reading and enjoying this first book with the young children dear to us, as well as supporting those children suffering and less fortunate, but no less worthy and deserving, through the purchase of “The Safety Jewels”.


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