Book Review: Our Father (in other words)

A children’s book for grown-ups too


This past week I had the very distinct pleasure of sitting down with the author of the children’s book, Our Father (in other words), Penn Ketchum. I asked him to bring a copy of wp-1488734780053.jpghis book because admittedly I had not yet had the chance to get my hands on one and I very much wanted to read it. He obliged, giving it to me as a gift! Thank You!!

Mostly, I wanted to hear Penn’s story of his journey from concept to book in hopes of learning a few things to take along with me on my journey and learning what potholes in the road to avoid. Our chat was delightful and insightful, for both of us!

Upon returning home, I eagerly sat down to read his book. Barely into the first few pages, I realized just how beautiful and unique this work is.

Simplistic and Elegant. Traditional…

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