Photo Challenge: H2O

via Photo Challenge: H2O


Water bubbling in a small tabletop fountain. Water gushing from ornamental garden fountains. The trickling of water from the faucet. A babbling brook. A spring or fall rain shower. Rain hitting the gutters and downspouts. A cleansing shower after a tough workout. The powerful rushing water of streams and rivers. The ocean waves crashing on the shore. The sound of water has always been soothing and grounding to my soul.

My tabletop pagoda fountain that rests on the marble top between the kitchen and dining room provides my endless measure of serenity.

Initially purchased as a watering dish for my cats, it now provides a soothing background sound to remind me to remain mindful. It is a calming lull when I meditate; I can hear its voice wafting into the living room as I lay on the floor, eyes closed, mind emptying.

Its voice is the first sound I hear when I arrive home; I live alone. Its voice is the last I hear as I head upstairs to retire for the night. Its voice is the first sound I hear when I descend the stairs in the morning. Faithful trickling, varying its intensity depending on its water level. Never disappointing. Always comforting and steady.

Water…..sustenance for my body, yes…..but sustenance for my soul, so much more





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