Daily Prompt: Realize The Magic of a Lighted Birthday Candle

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rosesYesterday was my birthday. I turned 54. I celebrated the day with an hour of strength training. I arrived before my trainer, as I usually do, to give myself time to change into my lifting shoes. Several minutes later, around the corner came my trainer, carrying the most beautiful bouquet of red-tipped yellow roses. The perfect colors of Fall. I felt so loved, as the staff, and other members of the club wished me a happy birthday. I realized at that moment how much they consider me part of the family, even though I still feel a bit disconnected from them. The disconnect is more of my own doing than from how they treat me. I really need to work on deepening those relationships….pardon the digression.

The remainder of my day was spent on daily tasks like errands, correspondence, and ghostwriting. I didn’t like that I had neglected once again, this blog. But here I am, finally, addressing an aspect so crucial to this blog. Realizations are one of the R’s in MIRROR, after all. Not too many realizations came to mind while working through the remainder of my day yesterday….that is until it came time to get ready for dinner with my family.

We were heading to a favorite local restaurant and on my drive to meet my family, I realized how much I miss the magic of the birthdays I experienced as a child. The simple act of making a wish, blowing out the candle, and believing that your wish will come true is so magical….and I wanted that back!

As adults, we become so jaded as we grow up and learn to deal with the “real world.”I wanted to be that child, making a wish, blowing out the candle, and believing, if even for a few silly minutes, that the magic is real. And so I did.

I asked the waitress if she could add a lit candle to my piece of snicker bar cheesecake, and candleshe was more than willing to appease my inner child. And my family graciously sang happy birthday to me, without me even asking. I recorded the magical moment on my phone and posted it on my Facebook page. And for a few moments, I was that little girl watching the glow and flicker of the candle while everyone celebrated me in song.  And then I closed my eyes, silently stated my wish, opened my eyes, and successfully blew out my candle.

And today I have held on to the magic of my birthday wish, knowing in my heart that it is coming true, even if I must take steps toward its manifestation. Asking is the first step of manifestation, and believing is the second step, active waiting is the third step. Active waiting is simply following inspirations and intuitions that come to you out of the blue and move you in the direction of your wish.

Yesterday I wrote. Today I wrote. Tonight I write again. Tomorrow I will write. And the next day. And the next day. And the next. Until it becomes habit. And when I am at a loss as to what I shall write, there are WordPress Daily Prompts to motivate my mojo. There are Meditations, Insights, Random Realizations, Observations, and Reflections to guide my introspection. So write I shall. Everyday. In some form or fashion.

Happy Birthday to Me!

And my wish is to be…..a writer!


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