via Daily Prompt: Pretend


Pretend: acting or speaking in a way that causes something or oneself to appear in a way that it is not.

Posers. Imposters. Hypocrites. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Masqueraders. Pretenders. 33Deceivers. Frauds. Phonies. Two-faced  ____________….ahh there’s a good one, which is usually followed by some derogatory noun, either gender-linked or not. I’m sure you have already filled in the proverbial blank, without even thinking ;).

Such negative connotations….for adults 😝

Yet, we encourage a child to engage in pretend play. In fact, it is one stage of play that has been defined as necessary for healthy cognitive development. Just Google “Pretend Play and Cognitive Development” and you can spend a day reading the plethora of articles.

Well…..sometimes I just want to be able to play and act like a child!  Yet we hear: “You’re Acting like a child!” “Stop acting like a child” “Act your age!”and many more derogatory 4comments when wanting to pretend, if only for a moment. Yet, somehow “Fake it til you make it” is completely acceptable behavior, and encouraged for adult self-confidence building. Go figure!! I guess I should be grateful that there is one societal acceptable manner in which to pretend as an adult 🙂 Well there’s also Halloween….but I’m not much of a costumer, so I’ll just take the “Fake it til you make it” pass! Thank You very much!

Adulthood, for all its wisdom it is suppose to impart, sure looses a lot of meaning, excitement, and wonder when the child’s play of pretending is removed. Yet we hear of, and see, an inundation of articles touting the importance of reconnecting with our inner child, and yes we surely must. So call me what you will….but I am going to enjoy my 4moments of pretending that I am someone I am not! I’m going to enjoy faking it til I make it! I’m not always going to act my age….I don’t know what that means anyway!  How am I suppose to know what that looks like without falling prey to the precepts of a society or culture to which I do not always want to belong; from which I am trying to pretend to escape in the first place ;).

Don’t get me wrong here, I love who I am but I also want to continue to grow as a human being. To evolve into the most spectacular version of me. So, pretend I will! Fake it til I make it I will! Enjoy the journey I will! All the while laughing pretendersmy way through life……pretending. It worked out well for Chrissie Hynde and her band mates! It will certainly work for me too 😛

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