Have you ever gazed into your Inner Mirror? Is your Inner Mirror cracked, broken, or even shattered? Do you even know that you have an Inner Mirror? Who have  you discovered hidden away in there? Do you know this person? How well acquainted are you? What have you discovered about this person? What gifts has this person bestowed upon you? What magic have you witnessed by observing life through your Inner Mirror?

Dare to gaze with me as I reveal life as I see it through my Inner Mirror.

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Book Update: Flat Tire and in Need of Assistance. Please Prepare Tow Trucks for Standby!!

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here regarding my first children’s book. In fact, those of you who are most observant have noticed that I had removed the milestone marker from my sidebar that denoted the countdown to release. Look in the sidebar….it’s BACK!! ok….it’s not this bad!!!…

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