Have you ever gazed into your Inner Mirror? Is your Inner Mirror cracked, broken, or even shattered? Do you even know that you have an Inner Mirror? Who have  you discovered hidden away in there? Do you know this person? How well acquainted are you? What have you discovered about this person? What gifts has this person bestowed upon you? What magic have you witnessed by observing life through your Inner Mirror?

Dare to gaze with me as I reveal life as I see it through my Inner Mirror.

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ZENs – Zensory Experiences in Nature

My Lavender Harvesting ZEN. An example of a Zensory Experience in Nature. ZENs – fostering spiritual development in young children and adults. Connect with me to learn more about my ZENs project and mission! Facebook: Penned by LindseyAnn, LinkedIn: LindseyAnn, Instagram @pennedbylindseyann via My Lavender Harvesting ZEN – Zensory Experiences in Nature (ZENs) — EARLY CHILDHOOD … Continue reading ZENs – Zensory Experiences in Nature

The Safety Jewels: Update on Release!!

The front cover, dedication page, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children resource page, and back cover. A portion of U.S. and international sales will go to support the mission of the NCMEC and International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. Look for the release to be by the end of next week! In […] via … Continue reading The Safety Jewels: Update on Release!!

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